Ad War Update

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 11 2012 @ 9:27pm

This has to be the most Obama-esque anti-Obama ad of all time, from the Tea Party affiliated Patriot Super PAC:

Getting more into the business side of the Ad War, ESPN will be getting more political ads this fall; and in news that might dramatically impact how much the public knows about ad spending this cycle, the National Association of Broadcasters, who represent local TV stations, filed an emergency appeal to block a new FEC transparency rule:

The Federal Communications Commission announced last week that the rule will go into effect Aug. 2. It will require affiliates of the four major networks in the nation’s top 50 markets to post on a new website data about who is buying political ads and how much they are paying, among other information. The data is expected to help shed light on dark money spending by outside groups as well as spending by campaigns. The information is already public but is only available on paper at stations.

Brendan Sasso:

The broadcasters noted that political advertising is a big business; campaigns and outside groups spend more than a $1 billion on television advertising during election years. They argued that if the online database allows satellite and cable providers to undercut their prices, broadcasters could lose millions of dollars.

Meanwhile there are new Spanish-language ads from all over today, with pro-Obama Super PAC's Priorities USA and SEIU spending $4 million on three anti-Romney TV ads airing in CO, FL and NV, two of which are shown below:

And not giving up on any demographic, the Romney campaign released a TV ad featuring Mitt Romney's Spanish-speaking son Craig. In it he tries to re-introduce his father to Hispanic voters:

Also today, Obama For America is differentiating tax plans (hint: something about $250K):

Then there is the Rove Super PAC American Crossroads who, fresh off a $40 million eight-state ad buy, have joined the war for female voters with an ad repeating the word "poverty" and claiming Obama is the cause, especially for Hispanic and senior women:

Elsewhere, the conservative Super [non-profit] PAC American Commitment is hitting Sen. Bill Nelson (FL) and, shown below, Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp (ND) for supporting the "biggest middle class tax-increase in history". The only problem is that according to PolitFact, that's a lie.

And lastly, the out-source wars continue with the RNC launching a new microsite and web ad calling Obama the "outsourcer in chief":

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