Ad War Update

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 12 2012 @ 7:14pm

The Romney campaign launched their "No Evidence" ad against Obama this morning about the same time the Globe story started richocheting around:

The Romney campaign is reportedly putting some financial muscle behind it and airing it in seven states. Greg Sargent's analysis:

This looks like some pretty significant pushback. If it had been a smaller buy, the ad might have been easier to dismiss as something intended for media consumption, or as an effort to quiet criticism from conservative commentators who are worried that the Romney camp has not shown itself willing to hit back hard against the Obama camp’s full-throttle effort to define him just as voters are tuning in. But if this ad buy info is accurate — and if the ad is running for a significant amount of time — it may signal that the Romney camp has decided the onslaught against his business background may be working, or threatening to work, and now merits a serious escalation in engagement.

Also today, Karl Rove's Crossroads GPS Super-(non-profit)-PAC put $8 million (of the $25 million they announced last Friday) into nine states airing this ad attacking Obama on the debt and economy. Meanwhile, the DNC brought out the accents to wonder about Romney's financial records:

Since Senate candidate Heidi Heinkamp (D-ND) got hit yesterday with a false ad from the conservative Super-(non-profit)-PAC American Commitment, her new ad comparing partisan DC politics to a children's game is well timed:

The Club For Growth Super PAC is getting in on a little Republican-on-Republican action in Texas, where Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (who they're attacking) is up against Solicitor General Ted Cruz in a runoff to see who will become the GOP's Senate candidate. But the Dewhurst campaign wins the award for best social-media pandering today with this:

Elsewhere, PolitiFact analyzed a misleading Secure America Now ad attacking Obama with the old Arab TV apology-tour rhetoric. The RNC is holding the line in New Hampshire until Romney's general election funds become available post-convention. And in one of the scummiest ad moves we've yet seen, a conservative group stole a gay couple's engagement photograph to create a flyer attacking a Republican State Senator in Colorado for supporting marriage equality.

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