The Bain Of This Campaign: A Roundup

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 12 2012 @ 6:30pm

Today has been a big day of Bain-blogging; here we first examined the Boston Globe report calling into question when Romney resigned from Bain Capital; here we wondered whether the SEC filings would constitute a felony; here we countered the Romney campaign's initial response; here a Dish reader attorney helped us raise more questions; here we checked in with the WaPo's fact-checker; and here we considered the latest reporting from Fortune. My bottom line for the moment:

Either you own the company or you don't. And saying one thing to the SEC and another thing to us needs to be reconciled. Even if the shift was abrupt with Romney's departure for the Olympics, it's stunning to see it took Bain three years to correct the record. Legally, Romney is responsible for everything that happened while he was sole owner of the company. Which is what he told the SEC.

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