The Latest In The Food Fetish Wars


NYC food truck 666 Burger has claimed the top spot for the world's most expensive burger, but it wasn't conceived to cater to those who might be able to afford it. Proprietor Franz Aliquo explains:

The Douche Burger costs $666.00 and consists of a fucking burger filled and topped with rich people shit.  Kobe beef patty (wrapped in gold leaf), foie gras, caviar, lobster, truffles, imported aged gruyere cheese (melted with champagne steam) kopi luwak bbq sauce and Himalayan rock salt.  It may not taste good, but it will make you feel rich as fuck. Douche.

That's not all:

They wrap the whole thing up in three $100 bills, so, as one owner explains to us, "when you are done with it you'll have three greasy hundred dollar bills and have to decide what to do with them. That's why it is called the Douche Burger."

Kate Black tried one:

It is fucking delicious.

Or, if you're more of a carb person, there's a $1,010 cupcake waiting for you in the Dubai Mall.

(Hat tip: Boing Boing)