Drudge Can Dream

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 13 2012 @ 12:54pm

I recommend Ramesh Ponnuru for the definitive put-down of the Condi as veep trial balloon. Above all this:

A vice-presidential nominee who is “mildly” in favor of letting a million unborn children be killed every year, though, would be one of the few things that would make this scenario plausible. Keep in mind, she would be the first pro-choicer on a Republican ticket since Roe v. Wade–unless she flipped and made herself look like a political hack just as the country was being introduced to her as a candidate.

2) Related: Her selection would require Romney to go back on his word. During the primaries, he committed to picking a pro-life vice president. (See the South Carolina forum held on Sept. 5, 2011.)

A reader adds:

Isn't it obvious that the Romney people are floating the idea of Condi as VP as a kind of do-over for their botching of the NAACP speech? The speech was supposed to tell independents that he was not a racist, while sending a signal to his base that he will be hard on black people. Problem was he erred too much in the latter's direction, reenforcing everyone's concern that he's only the white guy's guy. Hence this feeble floater about Rice. The people at the Corner are actually taking it seriously, or maybe just pretending to. It isn't.

No idea.