Kessler: He’s Drowning Not Waving, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 13 2012 @ 2:33pm

A reader writes:

I know this sort of hypothetical gets tiresome, but could you imagine the outcry from the GOP if Obama claimed to be a “passive” owner of the company that was involved in disposing of aborted fetuses, and that his titles of CEO, etc., were of no significance?  They would be apoplectic, and if he had given testimony like Romney under oath that he was not involved, the impeachment charges for perjury would already be drawn up.

Agreed. And WaPo “fact-checkers” terrified of being seen as pro-Obama incoherently rush to Romney’s defense. Another writes:

Contra Kessler, when two sworn statements, both filed with government agencies, contradict each other, the most recent does not “trump” the original statement. Rather, one (and this is giving the benefit of the doubt) is true, and the other goes by a different name: perjury.

Indeed it does. Romney lied. That much we now know. The question is simply which of his contrary sworn statements was a lie. For some reason, Kessler cannot cop to that. Pathetic.