Who Was Romney Really Speaking To At The NAACP? Ctd

A reader writes:

I think your readers are all wet with their negative view of Romney’s speech.  I found it refreshingly devoid of pandering.  There is nothing more wince-inducing than a white politician – especially a nerdy one – gettin’ down with it to a black audience.  Gore’s black preacher growl in 2000, and Hillary’s Shirley Hemphill impersonation in 2008 was nauseating.  At some point I thought she was going to start break dancing.

Yesterday, Romney was just Romney – whatever that actually is.  Other than his acknowledgement that he was speaking to an African-American audience, his speech was his standard stump speech.  Of course Romney doesn’t really care about black Americans, but for that matter he doesn’t really care about 98% of us.  In an odd way, however, his refusal to pander to blacks yesterday showed more respect for them.   

Blogger reax here. The above video is from 2006:

Sen. Hillary Clinton drew criticism Tuesday for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day speech in which she told a mostly black audience at a Harlem church that Republican leaders have run the House "like a plantation" and the Bush administration will go down as "one of the worst" in U.S. history. Responding to the speech, House Speaker Dennis Hastert called her remarks "a little bit over the top."