Campaign Ad Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 14 2012 @ 2:50pm


I'm waiting for all those who have long said that Obama is a weak, appeasing, useless politician to take another look at the man's steely ruthlessness. He's running a campaign against Romney that is as tough as Bush ran against Kerry. And he's not backing down:

What Romney says in this ad is far more misleading, deceptive and untrue than pointing out that Romney remained CEO of Bain through 2002, which is confirmed by the SEC. A reader notes one way in which this whole affair is lethal to the Republican:

This follows on your wise reader of 4:42 Friday who explains why people like Romney play by their own rules. Here is my experience for comparison.

I am a library administrator at a public university in Pennsylvania. Every spring I file a financial disclosure form revealing sources of income beyond my salary. The point is to expose any possible conflicts of interest between myself and individuals or companies with which the university might contract for goods or services. An example of a conflict would be accepting meals, lodging or entertainment from a vendor from whom I purchase access to electronic library content.

What troubles me about Romney is that he is too rich, powerful and important to be asked to follow the same rules of disclosure that an ordinary civil servant follows. He has more in common with a Russian oligarch than a presumptive American government official. He is applying to the people of the United States for the job of leader, but he acts like his immense wealth and power put him above everyone else as regards commonplace expectations of transparency, in even a low-level official.

That's kind of strange, don't you think? Such a sense of entitlement in a would-be president should cause Americans to be very wary. How would this translate into actions? Ask yourself this: how would Romney define "conflict of interest"? Does he actually understand the concept?

I'm not sure he does.