The Perils Of Pairing Off

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 14 2012 @ 5:51pm


Michael Cobb, author of Single: Arguments for the Uncoupled, defends single living:

If marriage and couples are supposed to be this magic bullet, and your relationship is the thing that is supposed to define and make the world for you, that’s putting an enormous amount of pressure on that relationship. This book is not against couples — it’s really against the primacy of the couple, the anxious over-importance of the couple that actually makes couples fail because you can’t by definition make a whole world out of one other person. If you try, you’re shrinking your world and your existence in the hope it’s going to cure everything. It creates a lot of distress and at the same time it’s invalidating your other experiences you had when you were by yourself, when you were dreaming up other kinds of associations you might have.

Benjamin E. Schwartz critiqued the single life last week. More Dish on the subject here.

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