Faces Of The Day

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Haniya Rae examines a series by Katarzyna Majak:

These Polish women combine the rituals of the Native Americans, Maoris, Asatrus, Left Hand Path followers, Wiccans, Druids, and others in search of greater spiritual meaning. With these photos, Majak looks at the prejudice against witchery, the acceptance of aging, and a growing appreciation for feminine divinity. Majak’s photos stem from her interest in exploring minority religions in a country that is dominated by Catholicism.

(‘Maria – a healer and visionary;’ ‘Bea- the one who listens to the woods;’ and ‘Paraskiewa – a whisperer (babka)’ from ‘Women of Power’ series, courtesy of the artist, Katarzyna Majak, and Porter Contemporary Gallery)