Ad War Update

The Obama campaign is still hitting hard, meeting Romney in Pennsylvania today with this TV ad:

The DNC also used the Brady Bunch effect to assemble conservatives calling for Romney's tax returns. But his campaign is pushing back, saying Obama has failed on his own transparency promises (PolitiFact finds that Obama's record has been mixed). There's also more on the removal of Romney's Obama-sings-too ad. Ars Technica says the Romney campaign has a legitimate gripe:

The Romney ad seems like as clear-cut a case of fair use as can be imagined. Obama's singing is a core part of the ad's message, and copyright law explicitly mentions commentary and criticism as justifications for fair use. And it's hard to imagine the ad harming the market for "Let's Stay Together." Yet the "notice and takedown" process established by the DMCA and apparently utilized by BMG Rights Management in this case doesn't give the Romney campaign much recourse. It can file a counter notice stating that it believes its clip to be fair use, but YouTube is required to wait a minimum of 10 days before putting the video back up. In a campaign where the news cycle is measured in hours, 10 days is an eternity.

The RNC is trying to change the subject, using the web ad below to echo the donor theme of Romney's taken-down takedown:


And the NRCC is trying to run with an edited-from-context Obama quote, where he was trying to channel Elizabeth Warren:

Meanwhile, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson wants his position on the Drug War made clear:

Lastly, Senate candidate (and current congressman) Denny Rehberg (R-MN) has become the first candidate this cycle to bring out mom:

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