America Is Not A Company

Romney loves saying that he, unlike Barack Obama, understands how the economy works and can therefore return America to its former glory. Waldman calls bullshit:

[I]f there were a magic key to unlock spectacular growth and widely shared prosperity, you'd think we would have found it by now. There hasn't been a president in decades, the current one included, who didn't have lots of businesspeople working in his administration. And Barack Obama talks to corporate leaders all the time. If Romney knows something they don't, he hasn't told us what it is. If you read through his economic plan, you'll find that it contains the same things Republicans always advocate: lower taxes, reduced regulations, free trade, and so on. You've certainly heard Romney say that his business experience helps him understand the economy. But have you ever heard him say what exactly he learned that no one else knows?

The details of tax shelters and how to build a ginormous IRA?