Ad War Update: Horse And Pony Edition

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 18 2012 @ 8:37pm

No cocaine ads yet, but the Romney campaign did cut a new web ad using the James O’Keefe playbook on a blatantly edited-from-context Obama quote: Romney’s people went so edit-crazy that they even took out the part of Mitt’s speech that sort of agreed with the (unedited) argument Obama was trying to make. David Taintor did an interesting analysis of how the “You Didn’t Build That” attack-line matured:

Friday evening, it was a paragraph in President Obama’s speech at Roanoke Fire Station #1 in Virginia. By Tuesday, it was a full-fledged fundraising line for the Romney campaign. But that wasn’t because the Romney campaign’s opposition research shop immediately seized on the president’s remarks. In fact, it would be three-and-a-half days before the Romney campaign itself made any mention of them. In the interim, what transpired was a textbook case of how a distortion can emerge from right-wing online media, get laundered by Fox News, and go mainstream as a major line of attack by the Republican nominee for President.

Along those lines, the Romney campaign also made the worst rap video ever, and the RNC has a tumblr where they try to get in on the party of Internet memes. And Frum makes a good point:

As they tried to do with the following TV ad on Obama’s “crony-capitalism”:

They’re also still courting Spanish voters, with Romney’s son Craig making the pitch again, this time making the point that Romney is committed to “a permanent solution” for immigration reform:

We went looking for a transcript to the ad and found the following video from January about Romney’s pony policies:

The DNC released what what are surely among the worst web ads yet this season, with undoubtedly the worst music, as well as Romney’s dancing dressage horse, Rafalca. But the Obama campaign is still hammering Romney on his Bain CEOship, producing another man-on-the-street web ad, and also hitting the “retroactive retirement” idea. Meanwhile, MoveOn has joined the Bain-Felon-Tax-Return bandwagon, bringing along Richard Nixon for this TV spot:

And in outside spending news, a former Navy SEAL has started a Super PAC to go after Obama. Lastly, this political ad in the Florida State Attorney’s race is unbelievably brutal:

The Sarasota Herald Tribune‘s Jeremy Wallace explains:

The ad features Roberta Ramsey, whose husband Daniel was murdered in 2007. “Ed Brodsky was responsible for my husband’s death,” Roberta Ramsey says in the television ad that began appearing on local television stations on Tuesday. The ad then shows that one of the men involved in the crime Michael Leon Walker should have been in jail for a previous robbery, but the State Attorney’s Office was unable to find the victim in that crime and let him go. Brodsky, who was the felony division chief for the state attorney at the time, signed the document that dropped the charges against Walker. Check out the Herald-Tribune story on the case here from 2007.

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