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Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 18 2012 @ 10:30pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew asserted that Romney stands for "degenerate capitalism" and wondered how Republicans have strayed so far from the conservative values of risk-aversion. Douthat worried that Romney's ineffective response to the Bain attacks means he'll have trouble dodging the caricature of him "as a Gordon Gekko". And bloggers continued to stratch their heads as to why he is still holding out on the tax returns. Meanwhile, Obama's recent attack ads on Romney's outsourcing caught heat while other corners of the blogosphere debated the likelihood of a "kitchen sink" counterattack from Team Romney. On the ad war front, Romney's camp went edit-crazy with its new "you didn't build that" attack line. While national polls showed little fallout from the Bain attacks, Ohio, Iowa and Virginia voters may be responding. And Latino non-Democrats represented significant voter potential for Obama.

Syria may have reached a turning point, as an allegedly high-profile casualty toll from bombings this morning may finally exposed critical cracks among Assad loyalists. And while Americans opposed sending troops to Syria but supported sanctions and a no-fly zone, Larison was skeptical that the majority understands that a no-fly zone is an act of war. Elsewhere abroad, some 70% of gay men in China marry women – increasingly by using online matchmaking services between gays and lesbians – and Canadians are now wealthier than Americans. Readers offered more insight on popular suicide locations, including the base of Mt. Fuji and a bridge in China.

Back on the homefront, Rush Limbaugh cried "conspiracy!" over the presence of the villain Bane in the upcoming Batman movie, despite the fact that a 1997 Batman film featured him as well. Oh, and Bane's conservative creator believes Romney is the closest thing to Bruce Wayne to have ever run for the US presidency, so there's that. Elsewhere, Klaidman called the "Fast and Furious" scandal "largely politics" and Breaking Bad has so far been pretty accurate. Margonelli warned that a rising incidence of blackouts has a massive economic toll, The Economist rehabilitated procrastinators, and Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury was reprinted the way he envisioned it – in rainbows.

In a global survey, Americans ranked last in environmentally conscious behavior – and felt the least guilty about it. In the-revolution-will-be-crowdsourced news, Youtube said it will offer a face-blurring tool to help activists remain anonymous, while a group called Viral Peace plans to use trolling techniques to bait terrorists online. Peace Now's settlement monitor was threatened, once-homophobic John Rocker gave a surprising stance on gay marriage while we glimpsed the future of a non-homophobic Catholic church. A cool (but sad) ad here. Readers offered their favorite compliments via our Facebook site, designers spoofed Apple ads, Obama set up a serial foot-licker (maybe), FOTD here and VFYW here. Our MHB remembered Mr. Wizard's no-bull attitude toward kids, while the cosmic battle between locavores and non-locavores (globavores?) raged on. And linksturbation was alive and well in Big News (and the Daily Wrap).

Finally, ask Barney anything – you know you want to!