Ad War Update: Romney Strikes Back

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 19 2012 @ 7:05pm

Today the Romney campaign came out with a powerful, albeit misleading, ad based on Obama's edited-down "You Didn't Build That" line (posted earlier on the Dish):

Just as liberals ate up Obama's "Firms" ad, many conservatives on Twitter believe the above Romney ad is a game changer, enthusiastically echoing this headline:


The GOP Super PACs haven't gotten in on the "didn't build that" attacks yet, but Rove's American Crossroads did secure a new nine-state $9.3 million buy for the following TV ad, which goes negative on Obama's negativity:

In response, the Obama campaign is trying to turn down Romney's volume by contextualizing the quote – never an easy task:

Earlier today we ran this ad hitting Romney's record on gay rights. Elsewhere, the DNC apologized to Ann Romney for featuring her horse in an ad (but still hasn't apologized to everyone else for having to watch the awful ads in the first place). From the other side, the RNC is going after Obama for not holding a jobs panel in a while, apparently because he likes golf:

Once again the Obama campaign is sending its supporters creepy emails, this time with the subject line "You'll need to comb your hair for this" – if you'll just read their email message, donate money, and then maybe win a chance to get your photo taken with Obama. More here. It's also worth noting that ProPublica maintains a excellent database of campaign emails complete with analysis of how each message's implementation ultimately changes.

Ad War archive here.