The Pot-Smoking-Coke-Sniffing-Alien Card, Ctd


A reader points to Sununu's Wiki page and says that it's "funny that the 'un-American' charge should come from" him:

Sununu was born in Havana, Cuba, the son of Victoria (née Dada) and John Saleh Sununu, an international film distributor. He is of Palestinian and Greek descent. His father grew up in Jerusalem, Palestine and his mother was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, as part of the mass exodus of Palestinians abroad to seek a better life.

Another suggests a double-standard when it comes to youthful indiscretions:

Maybe Romney should have been smoking something when he was younger instead of assaulting boys who did not look or act like he thought they should.


It all makes sense – now I understand why Obama's DOJ has been cracking down on marijuana dispensaries.

He anticipated the possibility of Romney (or another nominee) going nuclear and attacking him on his past drug use, and didn't want to give them any contemporary evidence to buttress their case with. It's just Obama playing three-dimensional chess again. It's still reprehensible, and he should still be taken to task for it. But I at least can understand now why he's been doing it.

Another turns attention to Romney:

You may underestimate the extent to which the Republican convention will succeed in building up perceptions of Romney's character. The American people will come out of that confab in Tampa Bay knowing a few things they haven't known up to now: that Ann Romney is an appealing woman who has battled multiple sclerosis, that Mitt Romney fairly selflessly left his lucrative Bain post behind (well, mostly) to save the '02 Olympics, and that he led a successful effort in 1996 to rescue a 14-year-old kidnapping victim.  These are all emotional issue that reflect well on Romney, and I would bet my firstborn that he is spending outlandish sums right now to produce a tearjerker of a convention video about them.

I agree with you that all this is unlikely to help Romney completely escape his caricature as a Scrooge McDuck leading a crusade on behalf of Scrooge McDucks everywhere. But he's not so vile that an unlimited production budget can't make him seem more appealing.

Another notes:

Did you see that Drudge was actually using the article about Canadians being wealthier than Americans to attack Obama The Socialist?


If they go the full Breitbart, doesn't that lower the bar for bringing Romney's LDS roots and beliefs into open discussion? Is this really what they want to risk? If being "foreign" (i.e., "different") is a legitimate thing to discuss about Obama, why is it not about Romney?

One more:

If Romney's campaign is planning to resort to personal attacks on Obama's character, this indicates to me that it is in deep trouble.  As several commentators have pointed out, Obama is generally well-liked, even by those who question his handling of his job. A lot of independent voters voted for Obama in 2008. Many of them are likely disillusioned by his performance, and looking for a reason to vote for or against Romney. They want clear indicators that Romney is 1) going to be a better president; and 2) that Romney is acceptable in terms of morals and character. If Romney wants to win, he needs to sell voters on those two points.

But instead, this? Independents/swing-state voters are not having second thoughts about Obama's college transcripts, mortgage in Chicago, or drug use. They've had 4+ years to make up their minds about Obama. It's Romney that they haven't made up their minds about! And if the Romney camp implies that these voters have been essentially stupid and wrong in their judgement of Obama's character all this time, it is just going it insult the intelligence of the very voters they are trying to attract.

Great strategy! Where's the popcorn?

(Image from Limbaugh's site. Rush is boasting that Sununu "takes my advice.")