Would Romney Go To War?

Reid Smith suspects Romney is "too smart to be serious" about bombing Iran or committing other major foreign policy blunders. Larison differs:

Intelligence doesn’t guarantee wisdom or prudence, so I wouldn’t assume that someone as smart as Romney is supposed to be doesn’t seriously hold the foreign policy views he has publicly stated. If Romney has no foreign policy experience and hasn’t given much thought to these issues, he could be very smart and still be very ignorant. The deeper problem here is that many Republican foreign policy professionals seem to be willing to tolerate and even reinforce that ignorance.

It's worth remembering that I endorsed George W. Bush in 2000 partly because of his insistence on a humble foreign policy and a lower defense budget than Al Gore. I suspect that visceral xenophobia, end-times theology and Cold War nostalgia are so strong in the GOP's base that Romney – who is an instrument of that base – will reflexively back war and invasion and global polarization over Obama's more classically conservative approach to foreign affairs.