Ad War Update: Laying Low

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 20 2012 @ 7:19pm

In light of last night's tragic shooting, both campaigns took their negative advertising off the air in Colorado today, and neither campaign released any ads. Only the Super PACs are out with anything new, first with pro-Obama SEIU/Priorities USA releasing a Spanish-language TV ad:

Translated, it ends with: "Romney – he wants us to show him our papers but he doesn't show us his. How can we trust Mitt Romney?" It is running in Florida and Nevada (but not yet in Colorado, because of the shooting). Meanwhile, Rove's American Crossroads put out the following web ad using the man on the street to generate more "you didn't build that" outrage:

And finally, YouTube did a little housekeeping and decided Romney's "Obama sings too" ad didn't violate BMG's copyright, so it's back online to start your weekend with a little soul:

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