“Those Housewives”

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 22 2012 @ 7:38pm

In a fascinating, searching interview – in which, among other items, she discusses Viagra, Bill Clinton, and the death of her son – Nobel prize winning novelist Toni Morrison laments the state of our culture:

“The pop stuff – it’s – it’s so low. People used to stand around and watch lynchings. And clap and laugh and have picnics. And they used to watch hangings. We don’t do that anymore. But we do watch these other car crashes.

“Crashes. Like those Housewives. Do you really think that your life is bigger, deeper, more profound because your life is on television? And they do.” She says she’s getting bored with entertainment. “I really want some meaning. It used to be easy to toss it off. Now it’s harder and harder. You have to navigate just to find something that has nourishment. It’s the absence of nourishment. What do you do in place of nourishment? It’s usually junk. Either it’s junk food or junk clothes or junk ideas.”

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