You Can’t Have Creationism Without A Creation Story

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 22 2012 @ 3:04pm


David Barash compares Buddhism to other faiths:

Whereas the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) claim that their god literally created the world and along with it, the natural laws that govern its functioning, Buddhism promotes a very different perspective, namely that the Buddha—emphatically not a god, by his own insistence—didn’t create the Dharma (the way the world wags); rather, he discovered it. Thus, for Buddhists, reality exists prior to any supernatural event; for the Big Three, it exists only because of it.

Barash thinks this allows Buddhism to be more accepting of science:

Buddhism promotes a worldview in which the Dharma simply exists: including gravity, strong and weak forces, photons and electrons and yes, Higgs Bosons—assuming they are real—along with the second law of thermodynamics and the phenomenon of natural selection and, of course, the laws of karma, such that our job is to reveal and understand them, without worrying that—like Galileo or Darwin—we might run afoul of prior assertions of “God’s will as revealed in his perfect and immutable creation.”

(Image by Benoit Paillé via Colossal)