Ad War Update: The Warren Omission

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 23 2012 @ 8:05pm

The campaigns are still keeping pretty quiet after last Friday's shooting, but the Obama people did release a slightly negative one-minute TV ad that attempts to frame the voters' "choice", at least in the eight states it will air (nine once they resume advertising in Colorado):

Then there's Scott Brown's campaign, which suddenly remembered that opponent Elizabeth Warren gave the original "didn't build that" speech, which they dusted off for some fresh editing, mixing in a bunch of former presidents and what sounds like the Avatar film score:

In other "didn't build that" news, it seems the star of Romney's key ad in those attacks didn't exactly build his company without a significant amount of government assistance:

The New Hampshire Union Leader’s John DiStato today reports that in 1999 the business in question, Gilchrist Metal, "received $800,000 in tax-exempt revenue bonds issued by the New Hampshire Business Finance Authority ‘to set up a second manufacturing plant and purchase equipment to produce high definition television broadcasting equipment’…"

In addition, in 2011, Gilchrist Metal "received two U.S. Navy sub-contracts totaling about $83,000 and a smaller, $5,600 Coast Guard contract in 2008…" The businessman, Jack Gilchrist, also acknowledged that in the 1980s the company received a U.S. Small Business Administration loan totaling "somewhere south of" $500,000, and matching funds from the federally-funded New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center.

In the world of outside spending, Rove's Super (non-profit "issues") PAC, Crossroads GPS, has a new TV ad attacking Obama on the economy, and the Koch brothers' Super PAC, Americans For Prosperity, has a new web ad out targeting female voters in Virginia. It stars dark cartoonish hands as the nefarious special interests lessening the "power of the purse":

Lastly, Matt Dixon passes along the first ad of the year to feature men literally behaving like farm animals:

While U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns, state Sen. Steve Oelrich, R-Gainesville, and Clay County Clerk James Jett attacked each other, Gainesville veterinarian Ted Yoho largely stayed above the fray. His first TV spot, titled "Pigs," changes that.

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