The Violent Sex

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 24 2012 @ 2:02pm


Reflecting on Colorado, Erika Christakis argues that "our silence about the huge gender disparity of such violence may be costing lives":

[M]en are nine to 10 times more likely to commit homicide and more likely to be its victims. The numbers are sobering when we look at young men. In the U.S., for example, young white males (between ages 14 and 24) represent only 6% of the population, yet commit almost 17% of the murders. For young black males, the numbers are even more alarming (1.2% of the population accounting for 27% of all homicides). Together, these two groups of young men make up just 7% of the population and 45% of the homicides. And, overall, 90% of all violent offenders are male, as are nearly 80% of the victims.

It is stunning to me that this massive gender disparity in terms of violence and crime is largely ignored. Its root cause is simple: testosterone. And yet we still have plenty of lefties denying that gender has any essentialist nature. As with genetics and race, they simply want to deny the realities of life as a physical organism on planet earth.

(Painting: Wrestling Match by Michiel Sweerts, 1648 – 1650.)