Why Assad Is Doomed

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 24 2012 @ 12:06pm

C.J. Chivers focuses on the Syrian rebels' use of bombs:

Once the armed opposition mastered the I.E.D. and spiked with bombs much of the very ground that any military seeking to control Syria must cover, and Syria’s army lacked a deep bench of well-trained explosive ordnance disposal teams and the suites of electronic and defensive equipment for its vehicles to survive, then the end was written. Because the Syrian army is fucked.

William G. Nomikos adds:

While this is a remarkable turn of events after the past few months, it should not really come as a big surprise for students of civil war, conflict, and counter-insurgency operations (COIN). Once the insurgents gain the proper tools, as the Syrian rebels have, COIN becomes difficult to pursue effectively, regardless of the identity of the state in the incumbent position.

Yesterday, Lynch and Kaplan pondered a post-Assad Syria.