Pot Polling Update

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 25 2012 @ 4:03pm

In 2007, Mitt Romney regurgitated the nonsense that medical marijuana is, "if you will, a Trojan Horse for bringing marijuana into our society and I think that's the wrong way to go." He has declared that as president, he would fight legal pot "tooth and nail" (I think our coffee is safe):

Meanwhile, public opinion has shifted more and more toward liberalization. Here's some good news about Washington state's marijuana legalization initiative:

SurveyUSA polled registered voters last week on the question of whether I-502 should be enacted into law, and 55% said yes, while only 32% said no. That's a 23-point lead, a figure that exceeds the number of undecideds (13%). Even if the undecideds break strongly against I-502, as they are wont to do in initiative votes, the measure merely needs to not shed too much support to still be able to win in November.

Dominic Holden hopes it passes:

I-502 would create an epic showdown with the feds before the Supreme Court about our right to regulate the pot industry. That's the fight we've been wanting to have for 75 years. Fighting with the feds is the point. In the meantime, pot possession would be legal for adults in Washington State.

We'll soon see how seriously the GOP actually takes states' rights, won't we?