The Tao Of The Dish


A reader writes:

I am one of your atheist readers, mid-30s, over-educated, South Park fan, Obama supporter, rational by inclination, fascinated by fundamental scientific mysteries like Godel's theorem and quantum mechanics. I have little tolerance for organized religion.

My favorite spiritual text is the Tao Te Ching, which I read primarily as poetry. At its core it captures as only poetry can the true/paradoxic nature of the universe (relation of being and nothingness, the perfect permanent balance of a universe in a constant state of transformation and becoming) … and yet it espouses a humble and beautifully provincial approach to living our lives within the world ("Best to be like water…"). I have never thought to approach Taoism or Zen Buddhism formally, nor do I expect to ever.

With that said, since discovering the voice of Alan Watts through your posting of the Trey & Matt video, I have not stopped watching, listening, and reading him for the last three days. It has been an epiphany – obviously true, deeply beautiful and liberating.

Point is: Thank you for starting this blog. The blog works because most of what you post is at least somewhat interesting to all of your readers. Just don't forget the inverse: almost anything you post has the potential to be transformative for a small number of your readers. This one was for me.