How To Royally Piss Off An Ally, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 26 2012 @ 1:49pm

A reader writes:

As a genuine Brit I have had my doubts about the Olympics, but as of now am a full supporter. You're right – we love to complain but hate someone patronizing us.

Indeed, it strikes me that Mitt Romney personifies the very aspects of the London Olympics that I am most doubtful about – the overweening sponsors, the misallocation of the costs (the state pays and the sponsors gain), and this "Olympic Family" who are so up themselves that they have had the mother of Parliaments suspend the law of the land to offer them special traffic lanes to ensure a fast journey to the stadium. As Andreas Whittam-Smith said in today's Independent, no one asks for help to get to the tennis at Wimbledon  - they just leave a little earlier – whereas we have had to introduce social laws to grant IOC what is essentially a perk.

It confirms all you have been writing about this strange international elite who regard themselves as subject to no laws, or at least different laws to the rest of us. Mitt's world.


Romney's not an "asshole". He's an "arsehole." What a time to forget your roots!

British Dishheads are hereby invited to offer their take on how Mitt is going down in the mother country.