The IOC: The Hormones Maketh The Woman, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 26 2012 @ 3:21pm

Jesse Ellison examines the International Olympic Committee's rules about high androgen levels in female athletes:

"In what other institutional setting in society could ever you have a sex test and not only legitimize it but present it as if it was a necessary policy?" asks Ian Richie, a professor of Health Sciences at Canada’s Brock University. "To test somebody’s sex, to have them prove that they are what they are in terms of their sex, is in many countries completely unethical, contrary to human rights, in some cases unconstitutional. But in the context of sport it’s seen as an inevitable thing we have to do. Sport the only place that could happen, because sport is based on the idea that men are men and women are women and that’s it."

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