What Mitt Is Missing

The Olympic buzz in London is palpable, apparently:

Besides the onset of summer, the catalyst for Londoners’ improved attitude has been the terrific early word on Danny Boyle’s Opening Ceremony. Monday night, Boyle held a technical rehearsal at Olympic Stadium. Sixty thousand spectators attended, and—out of respect for Boyle’s wishes, indicated by screens displaying the hashtag #savethesurprise—barely one of them has breathed a word. We’ve been told that there will be sheepdogs, horses, and cricketers. And fake rain! Also—and this is where it gets interesting—National Health Service nurses. But beyond that, all the rest of us know is that, come Friday, we’d be wise to man the couches.

The Dish on Olympics trepidation here. Follow up here. Friday will be couch-time in my house.