The Right And Romney’s Crash Landing Abroad

Crickets at NRO. Nothing at the Weekly Standard, except a note on his determination to bring the Churchill bust back to the Oval Office. Zilch at Malkin. Nothing at Insta. Drudge sees a huge story when it is in front of his nose. But it's at times like these when you realize how so much on the online partisan right is simply propaganda. And if they have to comment, here's Dan Riehl:

A Limp Wrist-ed David Cameron hits back at Mitt Romney over Olympic doubts

Get over it, Britain. You're a second rate, semi-degenerate nation still on the way down because you went too far to the left too long ago for anyone to care about. Don't expect us to wring our hands over what you losers did. We're too busy fighting to make sure it doesn't happen here.

I really give a flip about what David Cameron thinks. yawn … just be glad we continue to allow you to think you're actually in the game on most things. Now, get out of our face and try to not screw up the Olympics more than you have already.

Mostly a bunch of feckless wankers if you ask me. Put a Gold Medal on that and aim it at the Queen's arse.

Note the obligatory homophobia. This is a party that seeks to run a global super-power?