Ad War Update: Olympics Edition

This Obama campaign ad is clearly meant to complement the patriotic feelings of Olympics viewers and is set to run nationally during the opening ceremony:

Meanwhile this RNC Olympics ad wants to remind you how sad you are that Obama is the president in this television spot running in eight states plus the Olympics telecast:

And the RNC is giving you permission to not vote for Obama again, really:

Alexander Burns explains the RNC's approach:

The whole idea of having to tell voters that "it's OK" to vote against an unpopular president goes to an issue Maggie [Haberman] and I wrote on in June: the impact of Obama's personal likability with voters, and whether it raises the standard for ejecting him from office. The pitch Republicans have tried to deliver is, yes, Obama's a likable guy, but his policies haven't worked and voters have to do something active to create a change.

On other broadcast frequencies, GOP Super PAC Restore Our Future is sinking $1 million behind this nine state radio ad, while back on the web the DNC has compiled Romney's greatest hits from his visit to The Nation Of Great Britain:

And, lastly, there's this insane ad from far-right Super PAC Conservative Majority Fund:

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