Sinning Against The Movement

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 27 2012 @ 1:20pm

Mark Oppenheimer profiles David Frum, a conservative more concerned with country than party. A description of David's break with movement conservatism:

Frum says he has committed an unpardonable sin within a political movement. There are three cardinal rules of getting along with people, he says: "You don’t tell people they’re bad writers, you don’t tell people they have no sense of humor, and you don’t tell people that they’ve mishandled a political negotiation. There are a lot of things that people will forgive, but those are the unforgivable." And Frum broke the third rule, telling his confreres that they had mishandled a political negotiation. "You’re saying, ‘You put party before country, and you tripped over your own feet putting party before country. You didn’t even deliver a win for your party.'"

Ten years from now, Frum says, "when every conservative in Washington says the things I said, they will still blame me for saying them. And furthermore, they will always begin saying them with the phrase, ‘Look, I have no regard for David Frum. I’m no David Frum.'"

It almost makes me want to pull a Spartacus. I AM David Frum. Except I'm not. He's still a neocon.