Swan Lake: Now With More Fellatio

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 27 2012 @ 2:21pm

In London, three Tchaikovsky ballets are being re-conceived to reflect the composer's "tormented sexuality":

In most productions of Swan Lake, Odile's seduction of Siegfried climaxes with her iconic 32 fouetté turns: black sparks glinting from her tutu and her mocking eyes as she bamboozles the Prince into submission. In Peter Schaufuss's new version of the ballet, Odile's method of seduction is to drop to her knees and slowly pull down the Prince's trousers: fellatio as the contemporary equivalent of fouettés. Crass as it sounds (and Schaufuss doesn't spare the details, with Odile prettily wiping her mouth afterwards), this scene turns out to be the most logical, even the most compelling of the evening.

So much for subtext.