Face Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 28 2012 @ 8:34am


Artist Dean Crouser's watercolors are something to behold:

His lively renditions feature a multitude of vibrant colors that fit so perfectly, they make you rethink about the real colors typically found in these wild creatures. Crouser exhibits a truly artistic eye, mixing shades of green with reds, blues, and browns in the mane of a bear as well as an equally diverse collection of hues in his other subjects.

But for the real deal, check out Bearcam:

Explore.org has two hi-def webcams turned on in Alaska's Brooks River in Katmai National Park. More than a hundred Brown Bears gather along a mile long stretch of Brooks River there each year, to pig out on the world's largest Sockeye Salmon run. And now, we get to watch the whole thing online.

(Hat tip: Xeni Jardin)