Ad War Update: Neocons Pounce

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 30 2012 @ 7:44pm

As Romney tours Jerusalem, the Emergency Committee for Israel, co-founded by Bill Kristol, goes after Obama with a TV ad airing in New York and DC:

Another neo-conservative group, Secure America Now, is going after Obama with 9/11 footage and other assorted scare-mongering. You may need a shower after this one:

Meanwhile, the Romney campaign attacks Obama by getting more mileage out of the grossly misleading "it worked" rhetoric:

On a less negative note, the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future features former Olympians in a previously announced $7.2 million ad buy running in 11 states:

Elsewhere, Ira Stoll calls out the fuzzy math in Elizabeth Warren's latest ad, which aired during the Olympics opening ceremony:

Warren’s approach is so flawed that it’s amazing that her campaign would spend the money on putting it into a prime-time Olympics commercial that was presumably designed not to alienate people but rather to get them to vote for her….

The first problem is mathematical. U.S. gross domestic product is about $15 trillion a year. Increasing infrastructure "investment" to the 9% Chinese level that Warren cites would mean an additional $1 trillion a year in government spending…. Where would this money come from? Not tax increases, right? Warren has already reportedly promised nearly a trillion dollar tax increase, spread over ten years, by raising the estate tax, imposing the Buffett Rule, and letting the Bush tax cuts expire for those earning $250,000 a year or more. But that money, she has said, would go toward deficit reduction. If Warren really wants to spend $1 trillion a year more on infrastructure, she’d need to eliminate all national defense spending ($705 billion) or all Social Security spending ($730 billion) and then find another more than quarter trillion dollars. Or else she’d have to go on the biggest borrowing or taxing binge in American history.

Last and certainly least, Sarah Palin is not just for Chick-Fil-A but also Missouri Senate candidate Sarah Steelman:

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