Pot Sells

More and more corporations are subtly marketing to marijuana users:

No company better straddles the line than Taco Bell. Owned by Yum! Brands (which sounds like it was named by a stoner), Taco Bell introduced the idea of the "Fourth Meal" in 2006. Described as "the meal between dinner and breakfast," Fourth Meal was launched with a goofy website full of pajama-clad kids wandering the streets and gorging on Gorditas. … Stoners quickly caught on and began scouring Taco Bell ads for even more subliminal references. Is that the sound of someone taking at hit five seconds into this video [seen above]?  Is the bell at the end of commercials making the sound of the word “bong”? …

Maybe it’s pot smokers themselves who should be upset though.

Most of the ads aimed at them seem to imply that everyone who smokes is a video game-addicted 19-year-old. St. Pierre says while the ads may use "vicious stereotypes to cast aspersions," it’s not worth getting upset about. "We've seen the government use vicious stereotypes to drive home its polemical position in favor of prohibition too." "The culture itself" also deserves blame St. Pierre says. "Just read High Times or Cannabis Culture. They reflect what is now ‘stoner culture.'" If the responses on message boards like Cannabis.com and GrassCity.com are any indication, stoners love getting shout outs from big companies.