The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 30 2012 @ 10:30pm


Today on the Dish, Andrew made the conservative case for Obama, called Romney's Israel positioning a victory for the Israeli far right, and characterized the candidate as a "$250 million virtual dictator in his own bubble for decades." Andrew also reflected on the humor of London's opening ceremony, hailed Ron Unz's IQ hypothesis as a "breath of (liberal) fresh air," and noted Romney's hypocrisy in praising Israel's healthcare system. And his income and tax rate vis-a-vis previous presidents was astonishing.

In Olympics coverage, Ye Shiwen's stunning performance raised eyebrows, Michael Phelps glummed out in this FOTD, and bloggers offered more thoughts on the IOC's gender verification policy. The DNC embraced marriage equality, David Sessions made the case for voting with your stomach, and Eli Lake spun Dennis Ross' departure. While John McCain essentially called Dick Cheney a war criminal, Liz Cheney earned a Hathos Alert. Jane Mayer explained the sneakiest form of campaign finance, Shane Ferro argued that the masses aren't as financially outmatched as conventional wisdom holds, and David Morgan explained what one artist's popularity with the Tea Party says about American views on church and state. On the ad war front, neocon forces went after Obama's foreign policy.

In other assorted coverage, a new documentary on Ai Weiwei explored the source of his resolve to fight oppression, Charlotte Shane argued that rape is not always the ultimate horror, and Jamie Kirchick argued in favor of Germany's Scientology ban. Scientists controlled monkey behavior with light, termites exploded, Kyle Wiens praised grammarians, and a former McDonalds exec aimed to make food not just fast but healthy. Dr. Mike Drayton failed the Rorschach test, vocal acoustics did not vary by race, and this post augured the end of the airport bottle ban. Nano-napping beat out other slumber strategies, the sleep industry took off, and companies subliminally marketed to stoners. Fear undergirded Batman's political philosophy and Jerry Jones longed for … a glory hole. MHB here and a Southeast Asian VFYW here.


(Photo: British Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Francois Hollande watch the Women's Handball Preliminaries Group B – Match 10 between France and Spain on Day 3 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Copper Box on July 30, 2012. By Jeff Gross/Getty Images.)