Chart Of The Day

Inspired by the Olympic rings, each representing a different region (Oceania, Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia), Gustavo Sousa created an elegant visualization conveying "vast inequalities":

Everything from percentage of millionaires to McDonald’s outlets gets a graph; all-in-all, there’s 16 prints–one for each day of the games–and a live projection, which will be exhibited in East London during the festivities. And if you find yourself searching for a key while scrolling through his site, you’re out of luck; its omission was intentional. "The reason I didn’t reveal which is which because you can almost figure that out as you read through; I thought that process of discovery was interesting," [said Sousa].

Key provided after the jump:

Oceania: blue. Europe: black. Americas: red. Africa: yellow. Asia: green

To see a static version of each of the 16 prints, as well as larger font, go here.