The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew observed that Obama's tax rationale is gaining traction – and that Romney's favorability is slipping. He then went after Obama for failing to form a debt reduction plan, pilloried the GOP for its cynical politics, and analyzed the plausibility of Harry Reid's Deep Throat at Bain. Romney went negative on Obama's auto bailout and encapsulated what's amiss with US-Israel relations.  He and Obama engaged in an app war, Boris Johnson became the Un-Romney – and got memed – and Obama endured more swift-boating. Jane Mayer and a reader explored the darker corners of outside spending, Mike Kelly compared the birth control mandate to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, Dick Morris was also cray-cray.

On the death of Gore Vidal, Andrew balanced repulsion and admiration for his work. In Olympics coverage, the blogosphere debated Ye Shiwen's spectacular performance, Egypt's football team advanced, and Michael Phelps pigged out. And while Olympics officials unfairly punished China's badmintoners, millennials had it out with NBC.

As the Drug War disproportionately hurt African Americans, Andrew defended his pot legalization position and acknowledged the accomplishments of some famous drug users. India failed its women in some horrific ways, Gustavo Sousa portrayed global inequality, and alcohol got cheaper for Brits. In other assorted coverage, Geoffrey Wheatcroft contemplated Churchill's literary efforts, Rob Dunn encouraged accuracy in paleo-dieting, Trevor Paglen prepared to immortalize human culture in space, and a reader served up some Emily Dickinson. Other readers disputed the Reddit-as-frat contention and reframed the Olympic sex appeal issue. A Korean hipped and hopped, VFYW here and Poseur Alert here. Lastly, Andrew stepped back and admired his creation.


(Image via the DangleBoris tumblr)