The Upsides Of Being An Ugly Duckling

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 2 2012 @ 5:36pm

Doug Barry flags a story of a bullied teen:

CNN profiled a 14-year-old girl named Nadia Ilse, who said her "elephant ears" … made her an object of relentless "Dumbo" taunts. A charity called Little Baby Face Foundation that provides free corrective surgery to children with facial deformities (think cleft palates) offered to give Nadia [an] ortoplasty. The charity flew Nadia and her mother from their home in Georgia to New York, where Nadia not only had her ears pinned, but also had a rhinoplasty (reduction of the nose) and a mentoplasty (altering the shape of the chin), which all-in-all constituted about $40,000 of surgery.

It seems to be a trend. Jessica Valenti disapproves:

In a lot of ways I’m glad I was considered unattractive as a kid—there is an upside to ugly. I developed a sharp sense of humor, a defense against the taunts. I thought more deeply about how good and bad people can be.