Ad War Update: Outraising Obama

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 6 2012 @ 6:44pm

By Chas Danner

Over the weekend the Romney campaign released this ad hitting "Obama's economy" and pushing an alternative, undetailed Romney plan (ad buy scale and scope unknown):

The Romney campaign also released another state-themed "didn't build that" video, as well as this Israel-themed attack ad in an attempt to turn Jewish voters off of Obama (ad buy scale and scope unknown):

Meanwhile the Obama campaign again went after Romney on women's issues in this seven state TV ad focusing on Romney's intention to target Planned Parenthood:

In fundraising news, both campaigns released their July numbers today with Romney again outraising Obama, this time $101.3 million to $75 million. That news should be digested in light of a report last week [NYT] that Obama is spending money faster than any other incumbent in American history. In outside spending news, Americans United for Change and AFSCME have put $280K behind a national cable ad attacking Republicans for caring more about Donald Trump than average citizens. In the area of issues, a new TV ad is airing in Washington as part of a $1 million ad campaign to support ballot measure I-502, which would end cannabis prohibition in the state. The ad tries a casually pragmatic approach:

And today's most outlandish ad comes from David Carlson, who is challenging GOP-endorsed Senate candidate Kurt Bills in a Minnesota primary. Behold the guilt by association (to Ron Paul, and a lot more):

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