The Globalization Of Chinese Sports

by Gwynn Guilford

There's been a great deal of focus on the brutal training regimens that Chinese athletes have been subjected to, but the Chinese team is also experimenting with athletes like Ye Shiwen and Sun Yang training abroad:

This strategy is part of what China calls "science-driven training", a far cry from the decades-long gulag training style. Now, the Chinese national swimming team sends most of its athletes to Australia or the US for periods of training throughout the year. There has been resistance from the more conservative camp in China. But at the end, performance prevails. The Chinese know that there’s much to be learned from the places that produced Ian Thorpe and Michael Phelps. That's why the Chinese women curling team won the World Championship a few years ago thanks to living and training in Canada for several years under a famous Canadian coach.

China's sports program still has its problems, most recently evidenced in the story of gold medal-weighlifter Lin Qingfeng, who hasn't seen his father in six and a half years. ChinaSMACK rounds up Chinese social media reactions to Lin's plight. Past Dish coverage of Ye Shiwen here and here.