The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 6 2012 @ 10:30pm


by Gwynn Guilford

Today on the Dish, just as Andrew was going dark, Curiosity alighted on Mars. After a neo-Nazi shooter killed six at a Sikh temple on Sunday, many readers praised the aplomb of Sikh-Americans in the face of violence and bigotry, while others picked up on an eerie resemblance. In politics, Romney's undecided voter problem could scuttle his chances, and his lack of appeal with women – something Obama went after in a recent round of TV ads – may derive from his Mormonism. Nyhan likened Romney coverage to the gaffe-patrol Gore got, Barney Frank shared his first impressions of Romney and Josh Green gave the backstory on Romney's Twitter nemesis. DeLong chimed in with Chait's argument on the travesty of the new unemployment norm, Jared Bernstein chipped away more of the Paul Ryan facade and good jobs have gotten harder to find.

Meanwhile, marriage equality campaigners rolled out the senior varsity, campaign promises in this election have become harder to trust and Michael Brendan Dougherty wished for more honesty from the political media. In Olympics news, Usain Bolt and his fellow Jamaicans killed it and while China's sports program outsourced athlete training, wealth and population largely determined medal count. Also, special tape didn't do much and Joseph Stromberg recalled the long-lost art Olympics.

In assorted commentary, a shocking 10 percent of Japanese males owned child pornography, paid internships proved to be the ticket to a real gig and David Axe ridiculed the specter of a North Korean invasion. 3D printing promised to change the face of contraband, Mark Mitchell did battle on the term "culture war," and Michael Moyers broke down the monthly subway pass math. An old HP ad was oddly relevant, VFYW here and MHB here.

(Photo: Megan Rapinoe of the United States clashes with Sophie Schmidt of Canada during the Women's Football Semi Final match between Canada and USA, on Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Rapinoe scored twice in the US's 4-3 win over Canada, taking the US to the gold medal match. By Stanley Chou/Getty Images)