Mitt’s Unwelcome Follower




by Chas Danner

Josh Green shares how comedian Rob Delaney has become Mitt Romney's "Twitter nemesis":

“Romney fascinates me endlessly,” Delaney said before his show at a Montreal comedy festival last week. “He’s such an attractive target comedically because more than any other candidate in my lifetime, he just wants to be president. That’s it! He longs for it. Feels it’s his birthright. I can imagine him getting elected and just saying, ‘Well, that’s that then!’ and staring out a window.”

Last year Delaney began tweeting about Romney and the jokes received hundreds, sometimes thousands, of retweets. They tend to portray the presumptive GOP nominee as either a hopeless square (“‘Ha ha ha! Terrific!’ —Mitt Romney, every time Jar Jar Binks appears on screen”) or a cretinous bigot (“@MittRomney I don’t care about gays marrying but they shouldn’t be allowed on straight planes because then I have to breathe gay air?”).

The image above comes from a new Tumblr by Josh Mecouch, who has started illustrating Delaney's Romney tweets. The Dish previously featured a Delaney takedown of a Sarah Palin tweet here.