Romney’s Lady Troubles

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 6 2012 @ 5:44pm

by Zoë Pollock

Whitney Johnson wonders if it comes down to his faith:

In The Elephant in the Race, an evenhanded appraisal of unanswered questions about the Mormon faith, Liza Mundy points to “a patriarchal structure [within the Mormon church] in which men hold the important leadership positions, assisted by a women’s auxiliary called the 'Relief Society.' ” According to Apostle M. Russell Ballard, who holds one of the highest positions within the church hierarchy, “we can only fire on all cylinders … when the men and women who have been called to serve become part of a problem-solving team.” But in practice (the impetus for Ballard’s pronouncement) women frequently get sidelined.  For Romney, it may well be that his leadership model is that men sail the ship and women do what the name “Relief Society” implies, administering relief back in the harbor. 

Andrew's take on Mormonism's bizarre history of conspiracy theories and sexual panics, here. Marin Cogan proposed an alternate theory about Mitt's inability to connect – he's a mansplainer.