The Rubin Method

by Patrick Appel

Pareene places Jennifer Rubin on his hack list:

Before Romney’s trip to London, Rubin wrote, in a post hilariously headlined “Obama team nervous about Romney overseas trip” (half her campaign posts are variations on this headline — Obama is ALWAYS panicky in the face of the brilliant, canny, ascendant Romney campaign), “The Obama campaign can’t bear the thought that the well-traveled Mitt Romney will make a nice impression on his overseas tour.”

They needn’t have worried! We remember the impression Romney made in the U.K., at least, where the nation’s two most prominent Conservative politicians ended up publicly denouncing him. The result: Rubin decided that she hated David Cameron and his stupid Olympics. She never actually mentioned what happened with Romney in London. Reading her blog you’d assume he had a brief layover at Heathrow before flying off to Israel.

Along the same lines, Chait masterfully dissects Rubin's attempted defense of Romney's tax plan.