The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 7 2012 @ 10:30pm


by Gwynn Guilford

Today on the Dish, bloggers differed on the veracity of Harry Reid's statement about Romney's taxes, Nate Cohn prescribed a Sister Souljah moment for Romney and Pareene christened Jennifer Rubin as a member of the hack list. And while the Warren-Brown war encapsulated the Massachusetts authenticity curse, Wikipedia predicted the 2008 VP choices and Josh Barro clawed back with his Romney's secret weapon economic plan argument. Meanwhile, Gopnik disintangled creed and commerce in Romney's persona and Barney got frank on Obama.

As for the ad war, a pro-Obama Super PAC put out a ruthless new ad while Team Romney argued that Obama gutted welfare. And Andrew Romano explored how pro-GOP spending floods downticket races. 

In Olympics, Saudis lashed back against the participation of their female athletes, and while the reader thread continued on objectification of Olympic lesbian footballers like Megan Rapinoe and beach volleyballers, they debated the potential enhancements of cannabis. Also, this photo offered a rare glimpse at the menacing side of synchronized swimming.

Curiosity's journey received tribute as the excitement for its documentary abililites built. A new ad campaign encouraged citizens to lie back and think of Singapore, Ugandan queer activists staged the country's first Pride Parade and the Bush administration missed the diplomatic boat with Iran. Meanwhile, Pussy Riot embodied political punk in their fight against Putin. 

In assorted commentary, healthcare trended towards chains, a physicist explained the finer points of the death zone and a new study rehabilitated bisexual men – via their eyes. And while Adrian Vermeule showed how SCOTUS prizes convention, Homer overlooked blue because it was scarce. One's 20s proved to be crucial years, readers dug deeper on PTSD and no one wanted to sit next to strangers on the bus. And Randall Munroe dismissed the robot revolution, Jeremy Harding exposed the art behind pre-digital photography and Balaji Prabhakar made the case that incentives might help traffic congestion. In weed updates, a new documentary examined how drug prohibition fuels the business while the long view on pot legalization was an optimistic one. Finally, VFYW contest here, MHB here and a deluged VFYW here

(Photo: Kirani James of Grenada celebrates after winning the gold medal in the Men's 400m final on Day 10 of the London 2012 Olympic Games. James won Grenada's first-ever Olympic medal. By Harry How/Getty Images)