The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 8 2012 @ 10:30pm


by Gwynn Guilford

Today on the Dish, campaigns traded blows on welfare waivers while the blogosphere savaged Romney's anti-Obama welfare ad from yesterday and CNN found some gaping holes in Obama's GST Steel worker ad. DeLong pilloried Romney and his economic advisers, Yglesias called out Rubio's Olympic tax break plan – and Obama's support for it – and Suzy Khimm explained how this time, it's different (fiscally, that is).

While fighting raged on in Syria, Jon Lee Anderson considered the conflict's global impact. Meanwhile, the ECB lacked data, Singapore's corny-horny National Night campaign revealed nasty race and class undertones and banks proved too interconnected to fail. Robert Bryce said coal is here to stay and Salmon argued Facebook's listing has made Zuckerberg less effective. Bob Wright wondered why Aurora got more attention than the Sikh temple shooting, and Randy Blazak delved into the history of hate rock.

In Olympics coverage, eight Olympics athletes went missing, Liu Xiang's choke complicated both corporate sponsor and apparatchik messaging and Chris showcased another menacing pic of an utterly unthreatening sport again today. While one reader waxed poetic on the biathlon, another nominated Izzy for contention in the ongoing weird Olympic mascot assessment. Noreen Malone declared Ryan Lochte to be a "himbo," and an Olympic MHB here (though some people are Olympic-ed out).

Tracy Clark-Flory pondered the struggles of the singleton, Jesse Bering talked penis shape and a hacker exposed how he attacked a tech journalist at random. Steve Heller mused on motivation and hipster giving was found to be actually working. And while VR Narayanswami waved "bye" to language police, two of them ranted about "literally" and "actually."

A reader made the case for working remotely, still more readers told Bloomberg to go suck it, and many wise, serious people debated Bruce Springsteen's art. Last but not least, a VFYW here.

(Photo: Kerri Walsh Jennings (L) and Misty May-Treanor of the United States take the gold – their third in a row – after defeating fellow US volleyballers Jennifer Kessy and April Ross in straigh sets. By Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)