The Magnetic Man

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 11 2012 @ 9:55am

by Patrick Appel

Ben Popper profiles "biohackers" with magnets implanted under the skin:

On its own, the implant allows a person to feel electromagnetic fields: a microwave oven in their kitchen, a subway passing beneath the ground, or high tension power lines overhead. While this added perception is interesting, it has little utility. But the magnet, explains [biohacker Tim] Cannon is more of stepping stone towards bigger things. "It can be done cheaply, with minimally invasive surgery. You get used to the idea of having something alien in your body, and kinda begin to see how much more the human body could do with a little help. Sure, feeling other magnets around you is fucking cool, but the real key is, you’re giving the human body a simple, digital input."