How India Is Failing Its Women, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

I love that you brought attention to the issue of acid attacks. I hope you'll point to last year's Academy Award winner for a short subject documentary film, Saving Face. It was profoundly affecting and very careful to treat its subject seriously without sensationalizing it (which only intensified the reality of the horrific nature of these crimes). The women are deeply inspiring, and Dr. Mohammed Jawad's work, along with his interactions with the women he's treating, made me think about what heroism looks like in the real world.

Closer to home, the British documentary on acid victim Katie Piper is also riveting – and available on YouTube. Update from a reader:

Acid attacks are also on the rise in Colombia, the beauty pageant-mad society. Here's a piece CNN did on these crimes recently. Like all of these places where this occurs, more attention is needed so hopefully this unspeakably cruel practice can be ended.