Ad War Update: Enter The Ryan

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 13 2012 @ 8:34pm

by Chas Danner

The ad landscape is starting to adapt to Romney's veep pick, with the Romney campaign and RNC both releasing web videos that champion the new duo. The RNC video is called "Big Solutions" while the Romney campaign wanted us to meet "America's Comeback Team" (and hear how fast Ryan can talk):

The GOP Super PAC American Future Fund put out a similarly named "Comeback Team" video, in which they take a shot at Biden – and Ryan talks even faster:

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign released the web video we featured the same day as the VP announcement, as well as this Florida-themed video today, which unsurprisingly brings up Medicare:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund also got into the fray with a new web ad invoking the combined Romney/Ryan record on women's issues. TPM reports that PPAF is still deciding whether or not to put the ad on TV:

The Romney campaign also has a new TV ad out continuing their false line of attacks against Obama on welfare policy. And pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future is dropping $10.5 million on this 11-state ad hitting Obama on the economy, including the glass half-empty interpretation of last month's job numbers. It also uses edited-down quotes to paint Obama as somebody who doesn't take the economy seriously:

Lastly, today's Ad War whackiness comes from a PAC named the Committee to Protect Florida supporting State Senate candidate Jim Frishe in the battle for the GOP nomination. The ad suggests his opponent, Jeff Brandes, has a thing for dangerously driver-less cars, which some old lady won't stand for:

Jalopnik's Travis Okulski points out that the ad resembles a great SNL parody.

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